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Returning to school in September - Key Information

This information is correct under the Dfe guidance of 2/7/20  

When is my child expected back at school?

Children in Y1 - 6 are returning on Wednesday 2nd September.

Reception children have been given a start date of either 2nd, 3rd or 4th of September .

What time should my child be dropped off?

In order to promote distancing between families and children, we are staggering drop off and pick up in 4 time slots.  This will reduce the number of parents and children arriving / leaving the site at any one time.  Siblings have been given the same slot so that parents drop and go rather than waiting around.  We strongly encourage parents to wear face masks when on the school site and model social distancing on entering and leaving the site, particularly in the park.

Parents have been informed of the colour group and time slot they have been allocated:

Where do I drop off and pick up my child / children?

Routes in and out of school have been carefully planned to maximise distancing and create a smooth flow in and out of school.  We strongly encourage parents to stick to the routes and times allocated.  Staff will be present to guide parents in the first few days and weeks of term.


Drop off

All parents MUST enter the site through the park gate.   This will create a one way system, with plenty of space in the park to queue - socially distanced - with children waiting off the roadside in a safe space.

R and Y1 parents may walk their children around to their classroom door and then leave via the side gate directly off the top playground opposite Reception.  Older siblings should walk with their family and then peel off to their own classrooms.

Y2 – Y6 children MUST be dropped at the green gate (rainbow gate) - unless they are walking in with their R/Y1 siblings.  Parents MUST then leave through the pedestrian gate. 

See map on letter for details.

Pick up

Parents MUST enter the site via either the gate behind the pool or the side gate on the top playground – whichever is nearest your child’s classroom.  Children will be dismissed from the classroom door as usual at their allocated time slot.

  • Parents must observe social distancing whilst waiting and collect your youngest child first before older siblings.
  • All parents leave via the green gate (rainbow gate).
  • Please do not gather in groups outside after school.

What should my child wear and bring?

 Children will be returning to wearing uniform as normal washing is deemed adequate in the latest guidance.  They should bring a named water bottle. If your child needs to bring in a bag, we politely ask that it is of minimal size (such as a book bag). Children in Years Reception to Year 5 do not need to bring a pencil case, as we have organised resources for your child. Children in Year 6 may bring in a pencil case that must fit inside their desk. 


PE – In Y1-6 we are asking children to wear their school PE kit to school on their PE days - see your child's class page on the website, or School Facebook post 1st September 2020 for information.  This will reduce the number of soft furnishings in corridors and remove the difficulty of the older children changing discreetly.


Can my child still have a school dinner?

Children will be eating in their classrooms to keep the bubble separate and minimise risks.  They may bring a packed lunch or order a school dinner.  This will be a limited menu which can be transported safely to classrooms for the children.  Please click here to see the menu


How can I communicate with my child's teacher or the office if I can't come on site?

If you need to communicate, please do so by email or after school by phone if at all possible.  Staff emails can be found on the Contact Us page.

Please note teachers may not have time to read and respond to emails during the school day, so if urgent, please email Mrs. Edwards, or call school 01344 882422. 


What should I do if my child is sick?

No one displaying any Covid-19 symptoms should enter the school site. Any child or adult who becomes symptomatic during the school day will be isolated and sent home.  Both staff and parents are expected to cooperate with the NHS Test and Trace process, booking a test, providing details of contacts and self isolating as requested by them.

In non-Covid related sickness, the usual arrangements apply and parents should inform the school office.


Will After school club or Computer club be running?

The guidance indicates that these clubs may run but we are phasing them in to ensure our arrangements work.

After school Club is now being run by Complete Coaching and will start at the beginning of term.  Interest in the club can be shown by emailing

Computer Club - the morning computer club will be restarting later in the term.  Email to express interest.

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