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Harvest Service 2018

For our Harvest Service 2018, we took the theme of Our Wonderful World and thought about the ways in which humans impact on it.  Each class researched and explored a different aspect and presented their findings to the school community. 


Every family was challenged to make a pledge to make a small change which will make our world a better place (or less bad at least).  Come and see these pledges which are displayed on our ‘pledge tree’ in the reception area of the school – they will certainly make our planet cleaner and help the animals and plants that we share it with.

Links to our school values:

Respect – for the Earth

Excellence – pupils spoke clearly and confidently and sang with enthusiasm and feeling

Awareness – the whole community learnt more about issues affecting our planet

Courage – you have to brave to speak out loudly and clearly in church!  Years 5 and 6 took a risk in choosing a well known song which left them exposed emotionally and musically – we think they nailed it!

Honesty – it was clear that the children felt passionately about the issues they presented.  They followed through by making serious pledges to improve our world.


Year 1 thought hard about water – how we use it and those who have a long journey to fetch it.


Year 2 reflected on all the ways we can Reduce, Recycle or Reuse and came up with many examples of how to get better at this.  They performed a catchy song which reminds us what we need to do – click here to hear a version of it on youtube

Year 3 used a poem about an albatross to make the impact of plastics on sea birds personal and meaningful.  They collaborated well together so that there words were in sync and came across powerfully.


Year 4 told us all about fairtrade and the difference it can make to the lives of some of the poorest people around the world.


Year 5 and 6 rewrote the words to Earth Song by Michael Jackson and performed this moving song to the school community.  Click here to hear Y5/6 sing Earth Song.