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Welcome to the Year 1 class page!


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Star of the Week: Melody

Orator of the Week: Theo

In Year 1,

We are kind.

We laugh often.

We do our best.

We are important.

We make mistakes.

We never give up.

We have lots of fun.

We have big dreams.

We are a team together.

We encourage one another.

We are respected and respectful.

We compliment, apologize and forgive.


We are looking forward to helping your child to learn and have fun!

Our teachers are:

Mrs Beavan (Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays)

Miss Tait (Thursdays and Fridays)

Our teaching assistant is:

Mrs Miles

Class Timetable

Day Activity
Monday Science
Tuesday Topic
Wednesday PE/RE
Thursday Art
Friday PE/ Show and tell



What a busy time we've been having recently in Year 1... you may have seen our fabulous Winkfield Row map work on our Facebook page. Oracy day took place yesterday (photos to come) and today we had a visit from Berkshire Reptile Encounters. There were gasps and squeals of excitement (and a little bit of fear) as Graham let loose his scaly friends in our school hall. The children loved watching and holding the reptiles and the KS1 teachers were most impressed with their courage and sensitivity when handling the animals. 

This video has been the stimulus for our work in English.

The children worked in groups to collect adjectives to describe the butterflies. We then looked at a diagram of a butterfly to see the different parts of the body. We worked hard to link two butterfly descriptions together using the conjunction 'and'. Have a look at these beautifully detailed sentences by Auriella and Kian...

Look at our busy display board all about our five senses!

Take a look at our Knowledge Organiser for this half term. This will show you the main areas of our science-based learning and links within the curriculum.

Spring 1 Curriculum Newsletter


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Spring 1 Homework Grid

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Home learning

How to help at home.

We always reinforce that reading with your child on regular basis (ideally daily) has a massive impact in their progress. 

Here you can find a list of resources to help them with their phonics as well. Feel free to have a challenge and practise reading some of the real and alien words. 


Phonics resources

We follow the Letters and Sounds Phonics scheme.

 See the link below for more information.

 A summary of the graphemes we will be learning in Year 1. They are grouped into their phoneme (sound) families.


Some videos

Phase 3 tricky words -

Vowels song -

Mr Thorne's Phonics videos -



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Last week we looked at some animal fiction, including 'The Little Brown Bushrat' by Georgie Ripper. All the animals boast about what they are the best at, leaving the Little Brown Bushrat feeling a bit sad. We noticed that a lot of the sentences the animals said included one of the suffixes we are trying to learn... -est. So we thought of our own sentences using this suffix and wrote them in a speech bubble. We then noticed that for each of the animal sentences, the author kept repeating the word 'said'... so we decided we would ban that word and think of more exciting words to use instead. Finally, we extended our sentences to use the conjunction 'as' or 'and' to give extra information. Wow... what a lot of grammar we covered! Here are some of our sentences.  

That was Olly's excellent writing. Here are some more...

I can go the slowest, whispered the snail as he slithered away with his shiny shell. (Amelia)

I can jump the highest, yelled the kangaroo and he jumped over a ginormous bush. (Theodore)

I can roar the loudest, shouted the lion and he made everyone jump. (Isaac)

I can run the fastest, shouted the cheetah as he went to run faster than a motorbike. (William)

I can walk the slowest, mumbled the snail as he wiggled in the garden. (Brandon)

I can jump the highest, called the kangaroo as she jumped around the clearing. (Melody)

I am the strongest, yelled the lion as he roared through the cave. (Frederick)

I can go the slowest, mumbled the snail as he slithered around the garden. (Divine)

I can be the loudest, called the lion and he roared everywhere. (Presley)




Last week we kicked off our new science-based topic: How do we know that humans are animals and what makes us unique? by drawing around our willing volunteer, Frederick, and making sure we could label the parts of the body. There was some confusion over our elbow, wrist, ankle, thigh and shin but following a game of Simon Says we were all more confident. After wondering why we have eyebrows, Mrs Beavan was delighted when three children shared the answer the next day: to keep rain and sweat away from our eyes!

We began a week of poetry today by looking at rhyming words. Here is our energetic rendition of 'When I was one'... we then split the class into two groups to write our own version. All the ideas are from the children... which poem do you prefer?!

Group 1:

When I was one, I had some fun

When I was two, I played peekaboo

When I was three, I found a key

When I was four, I slipped on the floor

When I was five, I learned to drive

When I was six, I ate pick'n'mix

When I was seven, I met Mrs Beavan

When I was eight, I opened the gate

When I was nine, I read a sign

When I was ten, I made a den.

Group 2:

When I was one, I went to the sun

When I was two, I shouted boo!

When I was three, I caught a  bee

When I was four, I went on a tour

When I was five, I learned to dive

When I was six, I got some bricks

When I was seven, I had a teacher, Mrs Beavan

When I was eight, I saw Miss Tait

When I was nine, I wrote on the line

When I was ten, I visited Big Ben.

Today's focus poem was Five Little Senses All In A Row. 

We had great fun thinking of some actions and then listed in groups all the amazing things our eyes, ears, mouth, nose and hands can do.

Five Little Senses All In A Row

You’re so sweet!” said Lickety Lips,

“Keep in touch!” said Fingertips

“See you soon!” said Eye with a wink

Said the nose, “Don’t cause a stink!”

“Hear me out!” said the ears immense,

Together, we make a lot of SENSE!