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Winkfield St Mary's CE Primary School


Our Curriculum Threads

Our curriculum threads are woven through our science curriculum as it:

Promotes a vast range of lessons that enables all children to discover the WISDOM AND WONDER of the world around them by exploration, experimentation and evaluation. Children are able to develop their LANGUAGE AND ORACY skills by using scientific language whilst sharing findings and comparing their work with others. Developing Experts is delivered through a DIVERSE and sequenced curriculum. It is designed to enable the learner to experience a coherent curriculum that is fit for purpose and for society. Lessons are taught in a logical progression which is easily adapted to be INCLUSIVE to all and enables each learner to make informed choices about their future. Through these concepts we can provide children with the knowledge to build a HEALTHY mind and body and allow them to reach their full potential in a HAPPY and safe environment.


At Winkfield St Mary’s the intention of our science lessons is to deliver a sequenced, fun and practical curriculum that enables the learner to experience a coherent curriculum delivered through a logical progression. Therefore, inspiring and fostering a healthy curiosity for the sciences and enabling them to make informed choices about their future.

Throughout various concepts knowledge is shared, delivered and built upon within each lesson focussing on working scientifically, using equipment, conducting experiments and investigations enabling each child to be curious and competent learners.



The acquisition of key scientific knowledge is an integral part of the lessons therefore, a comprehensive scheme has been sourced to ensure all children have access to a well planned and cohesive scheme. The ‘Developing Experts’ scheme sets out clear progression of skills that flows from Reception class to Year 6. Each topic supplies a knowledge organiser that enables children to learn and retain important information by allowing children check back and consolidate their own development.

Using a comprehensive scheme creates a positive attitude to science for all staff as lessons are well planned and quality resources are available. In addition, this will support children to be capable and high achievers.

Our strategy at Winkfield St Mary’s is to enable all children, regardless of ability, to embrace each lesson and have the opportunity to excel whilst supporting their individual needs.

Where possible lessons will be carried out through practical and hands on activities to captivate and excite children’s learning allowing each child, through various mediums to share their thoughts and findings.

Teachers will carryout termly assessments to record children’s development and understanding to check that they are gaining new skills and retaining and recalling knowledge throughout their learning journey.

Offering enrichment days, outside visitors or trips as a school we will promote the profile of science and allow children the opportunity to freely explore scientific topics.

Through an effective approach of teaching science in ways that are fun, engaging with first quality teaching will build upon the foundations for understanding of the world around them and allow each child to take these skills with them in their next stage of learning.

Children will learn the possibilities for various careers through media clips and enrichment activities, bringing science to life. Pupils voice is further used to develop our curriculum through pupils questioning and views within school council meetings and class discussions.



We measure the impact of our curriculum through the following methods:

  • Observing children’s interaction within lessons
  • Marking written work
  • Learning walks
  • Children’s ability to respond to scenarios using scientific language and recording of information fairly and accurately
  • Assessments where necessary.