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Winkfield St Mary's CE Primary School


Our Curriculum Threads

Our curriculum threads are woven through our PE curriculum as it: 

Allows children to develop their LANGUAGE AND ORACY skills through the use of discussion, peer assessment and communication. This is particularly effective when the children are taking part in team games and sporting activities. 

Gives children the opportunity to take part in INCLUSIVE AND DIVERSE activities with a strong focus on each child’s ‘Personal Best’ allowing ALL children to challenge themselves at their own level and develop a love of physical activity. 

Helps to develop the ‘whole child’ and promotes HEALTH AND HAPPINESS by introducing Fundamental Movement Skills in EYFS and KS1 before implementing these skills in KS2 through a variety of sports and games. This develops each child’s physical literacy, emotional and physical skills to achieve in PE, sport and life. 

Enables children to develop WISDOM AND WONDER through an exposure to a variety of inter and intra school competitions held at world class facilities throughout the year, as well as a variety of external coaches supporting children’s development in PE through specialist coaching and knowledge. 



At Winkfield St Mary’s, our Physical Education (PE) lessons intend to ensure that all children can achieve the aims of the national curriculum through a broad, balanced and progressive curriculum. We aim to provide children with a solid base in the Foundation stage and KS1 from which they can grow and develop their sport specific skills as they move into KS2. Through these skills, we aim for all children to be able to represent the school at external events each year.

As a school, we value the importance of leading a healthy active lifestyle and encourage the children wherever we can to eat healthily, stay active and take part in as much physical activity as possible. We aim to give children valuable experiences of both traditional and ‘new’ sports.


All children receive 2 hours of high-quality Physical Education each week taught by their class teacher. PE is taught using the Real PE scheme which offers support to our teachers with their planning and delivery of lessons as well as the Real Gym and Real Dance programmes which support our delivery of gymnastics and dance across the school. The scheme ensures there is a clear progression of skills as the children work on developing 12 key ‘FUNS’ areas (Fundamental Movement Skills) with two targeted each half term in every year group. This focus on the fundamental movement skills ensures the children are ready for competitive sports in UKS2 where we compete against other local schools in a Football league as well as a multitude of other competitions and festivals that we enter via our Bracknell Forest School Sports Alliance (SSL) membership. Our SSL membership gives us access to a variety of events including events aimed at children with additional needs and ensures that all children are able to take part in physical activity regardless of any limitations they may have.

Our swimming takes place in the Summer Term in Year 4 with the children being given 6 weeks of lessons. Lessons take place for 1 hour in the morning at Lambrook with two qualified swim teachers and aim to provide a fun water-based alternative physical activity while developing water confidence, stroke technique and an understanding of water safety. If children have then failed to meet the required standards by the end of Year 4, they are then given ‘booster’ sessions when they are in Year 5 and then Year 6 if necessary totalling 18 weeks of swimming lessons for some children before we report on their data in Year 6.

We have in place a comprehensive set of after school clubs run by both internal and external providers. These clubs are complemented by regular external visitors who provide additional expert coaching to the children across the school in sports such as Tag-Rugby and Cricket.


Teaching and learning is monitored through regular lesson observations and pupil conferencing. Teachers provide a half termly teacher judgement from the national curriculum which is monitored by the subject leader.

We aim to ensure that all children are able to develop the skills necessary in KS1 to take part in basic competition by the time they reach KS2 and aim for all children to have represented the school at least once before they leave.

Sporting achievements are regularly celebrated in our celebration assemblies as well as in the ‘Owl’s Announcement’ and the half termly newsletter. We encourage the children to live a healthy lifestyle and believe that our focus on physical activity will inspire our pupils to continue to live an active lifestyle.